(Right) Off the beaten track in Malaga

Truly getting off the beaten track in Malaga is not easy. Hardly surprising when the province is home to a population of 1.6 million and the Costa del Sol. But just occasionally you can find yourself in the absolute middle of nowhere. Bobastro near Ardales is one of those places.

Being European – Cycling round Lake Constance

Maybe it was the schnitzel with noodles for dinner on the first evening, but my recent holiday cycling round Lake Constance had a definite Sound of Music to it. Same glorious mountain views and picture-perfect villages. Constant Favourite Things ear worms. But a whole lot more water and zero nuns. As well as providing endless …Read more

Ever asked yourself why are the Spanish so… ?

Ask Google “why are the Spanish so …?”, then pause and wait for the search engine to come up with some ideas. An interesting list of possible queries pop up in your search box. In this blog post, I take a look at the 4 options that came up for my search and ask if …Read more

What does being bilingual really mean?

Being bilingual seems to be fashionable at the moment. By that, I mean it’s a term bandied around on LinkedIn profiles, CVs and job requests. I’ve noticed it so much recently that it’s almost as if anyone who speaks two languages qualifies as bilingual. But are they really?

Behind the scenes at Malaga Airport

It’s funny to arrive at Malaga Airport knowing that you’re not actually going anywhere. It’s also strange to know that you’re going past the check-in desks and beyond security to somewhere few passengers ever get to see. I’m with the Costa Press Club and we’re taking a look behind the scenes at Malaga Airport.   …Read more

Why Paris is on my Facebook profile

I’ve been mulling this over since Friday 13th November, writing it in my head but never putting pen to paper. Until today when I finally understood why

The Ups and Downs of Developing an app

If you’re a one-person band or small business and want to publishsomething, developing an app is a good idea, right? No, not necessarily. But isn’t it like designing or programming a website? Nope, afraid not.

The Wind in the Sales of Malaga Property

The Welcome Home property exhibition held recently in Malaga was small, but entirely focused on new builds. An unusual aspect in a province where the construction of new homes has all but been at the standstill since 2011. Another aspect that grabbed my attention was the up-beat atmosphere at the show. And the big interest …Read more

7 Free Things to Do in Malaga

Malaga isn’t an expensive city by any means, but like most top city-break destinations in Europe a stay here soon adds up. You have to pay to see most sights in Malaga, but with a bit of careful planning you can combine your paid entrances with some freebies. Here are seven free things to do …Read more