Blog post writing and SEO copywriting

Regular blog post writing and other copywriting work for a French company, French Waterways, for lead generation and SEO purposes.

French Waterways specialise in hotel barge holidays and self-hire boats in France. My work for this company via a copywriting agency has centred on producing copy for lead generation such as writing download brochures, producing content for the blog section (see below) and creating social media material.

Since March 2016, I have contributed regularly to the blog section on their website, writing about a variety of topics to do with France. All blog posts have satisfied the dual purpose of creating content that fits SEO criteria and includes interesting, informative information for the reader. My blog post writing has included:

Regionally-specific posts – describing events in France. An example of this type of blog post is 11 things not to miss on the Canal du Midi this summer.

Location-specific posts – this type of blog post writing has included articles about popular places to take a barge hotel holiday in France such as Paris and Burgundy. The 5 iconic Paris sights to see from the Seine is an example. 9 things nobody would recommend you do in Beaune is another.

France-specific posts – these articles cover France generally. One of the most popular posts on the site wrote about the best bloggers in English about France. This was one of the most interesting to research because it involved reading some great blogs! Read about the Top 10 blogs about France (in English). Another example of this type of blog post writing can be seen in the article following the fortunes of 3 small countries who fared exceptionally well at the recent Euro2016.

Posts for wine lovers – since many of the top routes for hotel barges in France run through wine regions, these are some of the most popular posts in the blog section. Examples of articles I have written for this section include: 7 must-visit Beaune wine cellars.

Blog post writing for French foodies – no blog about France would be complete without a section for foodies. Examples of blog posts for foodies include The history of Bouillabaisse.