Travel Guide Updates

This year I have continued with my travel guide update work.

Between March and July this year I have updated several sections of Fodor’s Spain 2015. For the print version, I updated Chapter 1: Experience Spain (general information about travelling in Spain); Chapter 10: Andalusia; Chapter 11: Costa del Sol & Costa de Almería; Travel Smart Spain. For the online version, I updated these chapters plus a short chapter on Murcia and the section dedicated to the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife).

The work involved meticulous research and attention to detail plus writing up new listings for tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants. Fodor’s Spain 2015 is published in print and online in late 2015.

Guest blogging

A selection of guest blogging pieces I have recently written.

Since February, I’ve been writing a variety of blog pieces for to post on third-party sites. Here’s a guest blogging selection:

Catch the Thrills of the Tour de France posted on Travel Feeder

Favourite Places in Lisbon published on Hayley on Holiday

Tree House Hotels published on The Tripping Blonde

Top UK beaches posted on Quit Job. Travel World site

Holidays in converted chapels posted on Jetlag & Meyhem

Marathon destination tips published on Open Play

Must-sees during the Brazil World Cup posted on Shoot

Live like a local when you travel published on TravellingBuzz

How to use your holiday to get healthy posted on Nomad Wallet

Let the music begin published on Taylor Heart’s Travel

Dancing round the world posted on The Vintage Postcard

Hidden Andalusia posted on Danik The Explorer

Luxury Ski Destinations

This article, published on Comte des Clerges (CDC Lifestyle) and was commissioned to showcase ten luxury ski destinations worldwide together with an example of the sort of accommodation you can rent there (property listings from Holiday Lettings). Read the article here.

Article written in February 2014 showcasing ten luxury ski destinations and rental properties.

Creating fresh, new content for blogs

In the advent of Google’s new algorithm (Hummingbird), fresh and original content is essential for any website wishing to rank highly on search engines. Since January 2014, I have been creating content for Andalusian Lawyers (specialists in Spanish property law and based in Marbella) and Paradise Marbella Realty (an estate agent based in Marbella and Estepona) by writing regular blog posts.

Content for the posts is based on the companies’ buyer personas and has been well received by clients.

I am currently the blog writer for two websites, Andalusian Lawyers and Paradise Marbella Realty.

Interview with Freda Miriklis, President of BPW International

I interviewed Freda Miriklis, President of Business & Professional Women International (BPW) when she visited Marbella in October 2013 to make the closing speech at the BPW Spain Costa del Sol Connecting Plus conference. We discussed the business case for women at board and executive level, and how she is convinced that parity for women and men is on the near horizon. Read the interview here.

‘Change Must Come’ – My interview with Freda Miriklis, published in Sur in English, November 1 2013.

Fodor’s Essential Europe Expert

Fodor’s Essential Europe provides an overview of the main countries in Europe, including Spain. Fodor’s Travel asked me to be their Spain expert and update the chapter on Spain for the book. This involved fact-checking and cross-checking information, choosing highlights to be included and recommending books, film, food, etc. as an essential part of the travelling to Spain experience. October 2013

Update of Spain chapter for Fodor’s Essential Europe book.

3 Million Club – Stopping the Clock on Child Starvation

I wrote the copy for the website for the humanitarian project, the 3 Million Club. The aim of the copy is to convince the reader to contribute to the project’s objective – to stop the clock on child starvation by 2020.

If you’d like to pledge to become a member and part of this cause, click here.

Webcopy for a humanitarian project website, launched August 2014.

Fodor’s Spain 2014

I’ve updated the tourism information – travel, sights, restaurants and hotels – for fourchapters in Fodor’s Spain 2014:

Chapter 1: ‘Experience Spain’ introduces this North American travel guide and gives the reader an insight into Spain, Spanish culture, politics and lifestyle. I updated all the current affairs information and fact-checked the rest.

Chapter 10: Andalusia is one of the fattest chapters in the guide and covers all eight provinces, concentrating on the great cities of Cordoba, Granada and Seville. I visited these cities and updated all the travel information and added several new restaurants and sights. I fact-checked all the other information and made sure this chapter is 100% up-to-date.

Chapter 11: Costa del Sol and Almería – I visited most places covered in the book to double-check the information and write new reviews for restaurants and hotels.

Murcia: This section doesn’t appear in the print version and is online only, but the information still needed checking and updating.

Travel Smart: I checked and updated all the travel information included here, which ranged from traffic rules and RENFE booking advice to cultural dos and don’ts, and opening hours.

April 2013: Update of all the travel information for four chapters of Fodor’s Spain 2014.

Webcopy for Investment Site

Ahlstrom Investments recently totally redesigned their website to incorporate their full range of investment products and services. I wrote the copy (optimised for search engine purposes) for the new site as well as for their sister site, Simply Deluxe. Click here to view the website.

Webcopy for investment website