The Ups and Downs of Developing an app

If you’re a one-person band or small business and want to publishsomething, developing an app is a good idea, right? No, not necessarily. But isn’t it like designing or programming a website? Nope, afraid not.

The Wind in the Sales of Malaga Property

The Welcome Home property exhibition held recently in Malaga was small, but entirely focused on new builds. An unusual aspect in a province where the construction of new homes has all but been at the standstill since 2011. Another aspect that grabbed my attention was the up-beat atmosphere at the show. And the big interest …Read more

7 Free Things to Do in Malaga

Malaga isn’t an expensive city by any means, but like most top city-break destinations in Europe a stay here soon adds up. You have to pay to see most sights in Malaga, but with a bit of careful planning you can combine your paid entrances with some freebies. Here are seven free things to do …Read more

Possibly the five best views in Andalucia

There’s nothing more inspirational than a great view. Whether you’re looking at mountains, skyscrapers or oceans nothing gets creativity flowing faster than an amazing skyline. To spark your imagination, here are five of possibly the best views in Andalucia. Best coastal view A challenge because Andalucia has a long, long coastline with pretty amazing views …Read more

What I didn’t know about moving to Malaga

It might be only 60km from Marbella, my home for many years, but Malaga is a world removed from the Costa del Sol holiday resorts. I knew moving to Malaga would be a change, but I didn’t expect it to be quite this different. Going cheap An unexpected bonus of moving to Malaga is that …Read more

To Malaga, With Love – the Russian Museum in Malaga

It’s not an imperial palace and there certainly aren’t 400,000 artworks inside, but the new Russian Museum in Malaga gives you a unique glimpse of five centuries of Russian art. The paintings, on loan from the Russian State Museum in St Petersburg (home to one of the world’s biggest art collections), showcase art from 16th …Read more

Wallaby in Malaga? A walk in a Malaga park

One of the things that has struck me most about Malaga is the parks. They come in all shapes and sizes, but none of them quite as surreal as this one. Giant tulips, headless maidens basking in the sunshine, armadillos with handlebar ears, fat men riding dolphins… And most incongruous of all – a couple …Read more

The Ups and Downs of Updating Spain Travel Guides

I got into updating Spain travel guides by accident – a friend couldn’t do it and suggested me as an alternative. The job sounded fun and the pay was good so I took on Andalucia. No mean feat seeing as it’s Spain’s second largest region and jam-packed with must-visit locations. Four years later, I’m on …Read more

Coffee Like Malaga Made It

Coffee is easily Spain’s favourite drink – after all, who doesn’t like a relaxing cup of café con leche? But as anyone from Malaga will tell you this is the only place in Spain where you can get your cup just as you like it. I recently joined a tour round Malaga’s historic cafés in …Read more

The Walls Around Marbella

Like most medieval centres, Marbella was once a walled town. There’s not much evidence of the walls nowadays but the Old Town still has a very enclosed feel to it. Inspired by recent blog posts on city walls by Molly Sears-Piccavey on Granada and Fiona Flores Watson on Seville, I took a walk around the …Read more